Wednesday, 9/4/13


Squats with Lon.

We purposefully mixed pounds and kilos so we wouldn’t know what was on the bar, and then we added it up at the end.

3 x 135 lbs
3 x 201 lbs
3 x 221 lbs
3 x 231 lbs
3 x 242 lbs
3 x 253 lbs
2 x 263 lbs
1 x 273 lbs
1 x 275 lbs – Yes, I screwed up and forgot to put the extra 5 lb plates back on the bar, so I basically did the same weight twice.
1 x 286 lbs – Miss

Things felt pretty good tonight. I was happy.

8 total pullups and then a set of 10 on two bands. Some v-bar pulldowns and some curls.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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