Wednesday, 8/21/13


2 x 35 kg
1 x 45 kg
1 x 50 kg
1 x 55 kg
1 x 60 kg
1 x 63 kg
1 x 66 kg
1 x 68 kg
Time for snatch WOD again…

Snatch WOD @ 70 kg:
Make, miss, miss (fucking clark), miss, miss
1 for 5 again.
That’s cool.
I’m all over this.

5 x 70 kg
5 x 90 kg
5 x 100 kg

And, then I was very grumbly because I am out of the groove on squats. I told Nick I didn’t want to do any more squats, and he suggested that I do some reps at 105 because it was already on the bar and then do some single leg work.

I got more and more grumbly about squats and then I realized that I was being stupid and that I would be more pissed off if I just hit an easy triple at 105 to be done. That would be pussing out. Fuck that shit.

8 x 105 kg – PR

Okay. Rep PR at 105. I am good now. Back in the right mindset.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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