Wednesday, 8/14/13

Nick and I drove up to CrossFit Brink in Miami, which is a newer affiliate that just had their one year anniversary yesterday.

I decided I was going to squat up to some reps at 225 lbs to warm up, then snatch, then go back and do some serious squatting.


Brink doesn’t have women’s bars.

It didn’t dawn on me that a CrossFit wouldn’t have at least one 15 kg bar.

So, I changed plans and said I’d squat up to a max to at least have that done and then try to snatch on a men’s bar.

3 x 135 lbs
3 x 185 lbs
3 x 205 lbs
3 x 225 lbs
3 x 245 lbs
1 x 260 lbs
1 x 275 lbs
1 x 285 lbs – Got on my toes after a bad bounce, which made this rep harder than it should have been
1 x 290 lbs – Miss

2 x 95 lbs
2 x 115 lbs
1 x 125 lbs
1 x 130 lbs
1 x 135 lbs – The bar hit my hip and literally flew out of my hands. I had no chance of keeping a grip on it.


So much for snatching with a men’s bar.

The people at Brink were very nice and were doing some never ending WOD with double unders and pullups. I swear they did this for an hour and then they were getting on the rowers when we left. I don’t understand how it was possible because it was so hot that I wanted to die. It is 92 degrees today, and it was hotter inside the gym than it was outside.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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