Wednesday, 10/9/13


I was pretty sore from Tuesday. It took me a long time to decide to get up and lift.

I did some cleans. I was really happy with them.

1 x 55 kg
1 x 60 kg
1 x 65 kg
1 x 70 kg
1 x 75 kg
1 x 80 kg

And, then, I tried to do Bring Sally Up for the second time.

It didn’t turn out well. I actually felt pretty good. Quad burn but not the back spasm pain. I got into the hole for the second long pause, which was further than I’d made it the day before without a miss. I figured I would stand up and that would be the end of it.

I tried to stand up, and I am not even sure what happened. My back was totally locked up. I can’t tell you precisely what occured, but I literally fell backwards with the bar on my back. Nick said I landed on the bar. So, it scraped down my back and then I fell on it. HARD.

It was a few seconds before I could even breathe and then I basically had my back in spasms plus the pain from falling. I had to lay on the floor for several minutes before I could get my back calmed down enough to move.

Goddamnit. Fucking CrossFit.

I am banged up today, but with ice and ibuprofen, I’ll be fine. I am just so pissed that my idea for a challenge cannot happen. Now I don’t know what to do this month while I’m cutting weight.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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