Wednesday, 10/2/13


I decided to try some sumo deads. Not that I have done them often, but when I have, I have been ATROCIOUS at them. I mean, I think I pulled 200 lbs, and it was hard. And, my conventional deadlift is over 300 lbs.

Sumo deadlift:
5 x 135 lbs
5 x 185 lbs
5 x 205 lbs – Nick told me to hang out here and do some sets
5 x 205 lbs
3 x 205 lbs
3 x 205 lbs

I may have done a few more sets. Not sure. I lost track because the gym was packed.

When Heather came at 7:45, I snatched with her.

2 x 35 kg
2 x 45 kg
2 x 50 kg
2 x 55 kg
1 x 58 kg
1 x 60 kg
1 x 62 kg

She missed at 62 kg, and I missed at 64 kg, so we went back down to 45 kg. I focused on really getting back on my heels in the start position because I was ending up forward on most reps. I still have a lot of work to do before I am used to this new start.

2 x 45 kg
1 x 50 kg
1 x 53 kg
1 x 55 kg
1 x 58 kg
1 x 60 kg

I did some tricep pushdowns and some curls and I think a few pullups.

It was a great night at the gym with a lot of people, and some nice PRs.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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