Tuesday, 8/20/13


So, while we were driving home from Miami, I decided that I am going to add some snatch workouts back. But, I have to do Snatch WOD, and on any day that I work up to 70 kg, I have to WOD 70 kg for at least 3 attempts. The goal is to work toward 10 attempts at 70 kg for Snatch WOD.

I was lifting with Mary and Sally. Mary was all fired up about hitting a 60 kg snatch soon, and it was Sally’s first night with us. Mary ended up hitting PRs at 54 and 55 kg.

A million reps before 60 kg
1 x 60 kg
1 x 63 kg
1 x 65 kg
1 x 68 kg

Snatch WOD @ 70 kg:
5 consecutive attempts
Miss, miss, miss, make, miss
So, 1 for 5 on my first attempt WODing 70. Yes, I just used WODing as a verb. Kiss my ass, I don’t care.

I haven’t squatted since Thursday. That’s 5 days. Fuck. I was dreading squats.

3 x 70 kg
3 x 70 kg
3 x 90 kg
3 x 90 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 110 kg
1 x 115 kg
1 x 120 kg – Miss

Jesus. Fucking kill me.

2 – Wasn’t sure if I did this set. So, did I do 7 or 9? I don’t fucking know, so real quick, I did

That way, I knew I had at least 10, and maybe I did 12.

I feel like shit because I have my period, and it is trying to kill me. I am pretty sure that I weigh 300 lbs and that 120 lb of it is water weight. At least I trained.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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  1. Lucky No. 4, and looking hella fine in that Lift Weights Faster shirt.:)

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