Tuesday, 10/8/13


Morning session:

5 x 70 kg
3 x 70 kg
5 x 80 kg
3 x 80 kg
5 x 90 kg
3 x 90 kg

And, then I had the brilliant idea that I would do the Bring Sally Up squat challenge at 135 lbs. This would solve my goal setting problem for the month while I am cutting weight. I would just do the challenge every day with the goal of getting through the entire song by month’s end.

First attempt:
15/30 squats, 12 in a row before I missed
It was super super hard on my lower back, which I wasn’t expecting

Evening session:
Bunch of snatches at 55 kg
Cleans to 75 kg
Deadlift to 2 x 275 lbs

10 x 55 kg
10 x 100 kg

And, some front raises and curls and ab work, I think.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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