Sunday, 9/1/13


3 x 60 kg
3 x 70 kg
3 x 80 kg
3 x 90 kg
3 x 95 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 105 kg
3 x 110 kg
1 x 115 kg

At this point, I had to take a break. I was training fasted, and it was already almost 2:00 pm and 85 degrees. I was lightheaded and the last two sets felt awful.

After I ate a huge lunch of udon noodles with flat iron steak followed by ice cream, I went shopping to find some skirts and dresses to fit my ass.

Then, I came home and did some bodybuilding. Curls, front raises, lateral raises and dummbbell presses. All super light.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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