Monday, 8/26/13


The last week has been pretty shitty for training. The kids don’t start school until tomorrow, so they have been with me every second of the day. Nick is completely overhauling all of our websites, so he has been working 14+ hours a day on that. Training has not been a priority.

But, given that our work days should be a lot more manageable once the kids start school tomorrow, I wanted to start this week off right and at least do some squats tonight.

I had to wait until after 9:00 pm when the kids were asleep. I would rather be asleep then too, but I had work to do and was going to be up whether or not I did some squats.

5 x 60 kg
5 x 70 kg
5 x 80 kg
5 x 90 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 100 kg

That felt fucking god awful, but it should make tomorrow easier.

Now, I am going to eat some Golden Grahams and do curls.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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