Weightlifting Camp Reflections: I’m Glad You’re The Way You Are

“You always make each day such a special day.
You know how. By just your being you.
There’s only one person in the whole world like you.
That’s you yourself.” – Mr. Rogers

Weightlifting Camp happened. At some point, I will write a long post and probably put it up on Weightlifting Academy. I know that some of the lifters who came are going to write about it also.

We never know who is going to show up at our seminars: experienced lifters who have have done multiple meets, CrossFitters, people who have never snatched before, teenagers, grandmothers, lifters coming back from surgery.

Usually we get to spend a few hours with them or maybe two days. But, Camp was different. We spent a full week with a lot of the people who came.

At the end, I almost cried, but I didn’t. This was kind of a miracle considering that I cry about random Thai Life Insurance commercials. I was a little sad because the week was ending, but really, I teared up because I was so proud of everyone.

They all looked like weightlifters, and they all looked like weightlifters that I liked.

Tonight, when Nick and I were laughing posting pics of baby animals on Facebook, Mr. Rogers popped into my head. I always loved the Neighborhood of Make Believe: the trolley, the castle, and the platypus family. Nick posted a cute platypus pic and I thought about the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

Lady Aberlin had some wise words for Daniel Tiger. I think we’d all be better off posting baby animal pics and thinking like Lady Aberlin.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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