That Girl: Find Your Inspiration

BrandiSub2 When I first started lifting, I wished for an archenemy. A nemesis.

That girl.

That one girl who pissed me off so much that I would kill myself training so that I could beat her ass on the platform.

But, we all know that’s not how it works. Real life isn’t like Batman and the Joker or Superman and Lex Luther. Having an archenemy sounds cool and all, but I was never actually going to put more weight on the bar because of it.

I’ve been fortunate to lift with a lot of strong women in the last several years. I’ve been inspired by their lifts, their journeys as lifters, and who they are as human beings. There are a lot of weightlifters who do cool shit.

But, I finally met that girl.

The one who inspires me to train harder.

She’s not an archenemy. She’s a friend, and her name is Brandi Guthke.

Brandi is one of a seemingly rare breed of people who truly doesn’t let failure ruffle her. She can miss lifts and laugh it off, walk away, and try again tomorrow. She sees lifting for what it is: an opportunity to have fun and to grow as a person.

I watched a video of her hitting a 185 lb clean the other night, and I said to Nick, “Brandi is a better lifter than I am because she doesn’t give a shit. She’s just having fun.” He said, “Yep.”

Here’s the video of the clean, and maybe you’ll see what I mean:

When I say Brandi doesn’t give a shit, I mean it as the highest compliment. She works her ass off in training, but at the end of the day, it’s a barbell. It’s not life or death.

She’s managed to get pretty strong with this attitude.

375 lb deadlift:

305 lb squat:

I love her lifts, I love her attitude, and I will be a better lifter if I learn to be a little more like her.

And, of course, Brandi couldn’t be that girl if she didn’t know how to roll with food. On Saturday, when Nick and I were down at CrossFit Easley where she coaches and trains, I walked in the door with a dozen donuts. Brandi handed me an 8 pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

If that’s not inspiring, I don’t know what is.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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