Shushing The Aliens In My Head

“Doubt, of whatever kind,
can be ended by action alone.”
– Thomas Carlyle

My daughter loves to shush her little brother. In the car today, she must have done it at least five times, and I told her to stop every time. The shush sound is one of the most annoying sounds on earth along with people biting their forks (Hello, doesn’t that hurt your fucking teeth?) and chomping on apples (Oh my god, I don’t need to know how many bites it takes to get to the center of that Granny Smith).

But, damn, she loves to shush him.

I would make a No Shushing Allowed rule except that’s what I had to do in my head the entire time I was at the gym: Shush myself.

I snatched. I even squatted. And, every few minutes, I would feel doubt creeping in.

We’ve been watching the Origins series on NOVA, so my brain feels a bit like a science fiction movie. When doubt creeps into my head on snatches and squats, it’s like an alien is invading my brain.

Snatches and squats are the two things that I never doubt. Snatches and squats are the two best things ever.

Except, let’s be honest, I haven’t seriously trained since August. The aliens in my brain try to tell me that it might as well be as long as life has been on earth, which is a really long time. Billions of years.


It feels like it’s been a billion years ago since I snatched a PR. It feels like it’s been a billion years since I squatted a PR.

And, the little aliens of doubt try to remind me of how weak I feel and how it’s going to take forever – probably another billion years – before I hit another PR.

They don’t succeed, though. I’ve rewired my brain. It’s alien-proof. When the aliens try to creep in, I use the highly scientific method of shushing them, and I go on with my workout.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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