So Much Hate On The Internet: This Is Why I Watch Cat Videos

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it
as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil
without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the last 6 months, I’ve tried to follow a rule on Facebook. If I feel like making a rant-y, angry post, I will type it out, read it to myself 10 times, and the delete it. I’ve tried to use Facebook for just a few things recently: 1) Posts about weightlifting, training, and food; 2)Silly photos and videos of cats, dogs, raccoons, people dancing, people falling down, or anything else that makes me laugh; and 3)Posts about happy, inspirational stories.

I don’t always succeed. I am pretty good on my own Facebook page, but I admit that I sometimes get sucked in to other people’s debates, especially if they are talking about the Matt Walsh Blog, breastfeeding in public, or the Affordable Care Act. I’m working on it.

I’m trying to limit my time on Facebook in general. Nick says it’s not good for my brain, just like the news. I know he’s right, and I have better things to do like finish reading The Map That Changed The World: William Smith And The Birth Of Modern Geology, squat and pull 150 kg, beat my kids at pushups and pullups, and start hunting for a chubby girl dress for Nick’s brother’s wedding in August.

I was scrolling through my News Feed earlier and saw a link to an article The Photos Of This Gay Couple Holding Their Newborn Baby Are Incredible. It’s been circulating for a few days, but I hadn’t clicked on it yet and I thought maybe it would be my feel good story of the day. And, then I realized the person who posted it had posted it with the comment: “This literally makes me want to puke.”


I mean, I know not all 4,000 of my Facebook friends are bleeding heart liberals like I am, but people who say things like that get deleted and blocked. Then, I realized the person who posted the link wasn’t my Facebook friend. Instead, one of my friends had commented on the post, and since the post was public, it was in my News Feed.

I stopped, took a breath, and started reading the comments quickly, mainly because I wanted to see what my Facebook friend said. I don’t really give second chances anymore. If you make a racist, homophobic, or misogynistic comment, you get blocked. It makes Facebook much more mentally healthy.

Turns out, that Facebook friend was disagreeing with everyone else. But, here are some of the comments he was up against (spelling and grammar are original):

“I could care less about the queers.”

“AIDS cures fags.”


“They need to take their panties off and read what the Bible says about homosexuality.”

“While I don’t hate gay people, I do hate what they are forcing on us.”

“My kid was in a broken home and are not morally fucked. Better the male and female split then fudge packers rasein the kid.”

“I am tired of watching our society have to conform to ‘the homosexuality movement.'”

So much hate.

While I don’t hate gay people…

Yes. Yes, you do. You hate gay people. Just own your hatred, and stop trying to make yourself feel better about being a terrible person. I am tired of this hate the sin, love the sinner crap. None of these people love the men in the article. They don’t love any gay men.

After I read through the comments, I was sorry that I did. I was so overwhelmingly sad. I thought if I started writing about it, I would feel better, but I don’t. I thought about scrapping this entire post because I wasn’t sure that reposting these hate-filled phrases serves a purpose.

But, I think it does. I matters simply because these words hurt my heart. I am not numb to them. There is something deep within me that knows that this is wrong, and that part of me wants to fix this. I think hope is lost once we become immune to hatred. If these words don’t make me flinch, it’s a problem.

As soon as I think, “It’s just the Internet,” I’ve given up.

Maybe I haven’t won yet, but I also haven’t lost. These words still hurt, and they make me ask how to end hatred like this. I don’t have an answer to that today.

In the meantime, I will go back to my Facebook utilization plan. So, here is a video of a man putting his pants on without using his hands. It is set to Europe’s The Final Countdown. Act with love, my friends.

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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  1. RE: Chubby girl dresses. If you can get to a Macy’s or equivalent and you don’t mind spending around $100-120 (although they’re probably on sale now), the Lauren by Ralph Lauren line in the Plus department (I think it’s called Macy’s Woman or something) is fantastic. The dresses are not just enlarged versions of the same dresses that were designed for stick figures. They are proportioned and drape beautifully. Great fabrics.

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