Give A Girl The Right Shoes: Planting Your Feet In The Present Moment

“Most people treat the present moment as if
it were an obstacle that they need to overcome.
Since the present moment is life itself,
it is an insane way to live.”
– Eckhart Tolle

I’m trying to be less insane. Mental health is a good thing.

I have to take seriously the concept of living in the present moment because it’s quite obvious to me that I’ve been living in a fantasy world for some time now.

“Fantasy world” sounds so much nicer than “off my fucking rocker” or “bat shit crazy.”

Some of my biggest positive mental changes began in the gym. They were forced on me because I had to follow the new rules like everyone else, or Nick was committed to kicking my ass out. It needed to happen, and it worked.

I stopped throwing tantrums. My anxiety about certain lifts plummeted. I learned how to live in the moment with squats and focus on each training session, each set, and finally, each rep. It’s how I squatted 300 lbs. Without that process, I never would have done it.

However, I was still stuck in a mentally unhealthy place with my training overall. I felt lost. I had no goal. Then, I set a big goal, but it seemed so far away. I was planning for December 2014, and that might as well have been the end of time.

The problem was that I was focused on the end goal. I was also focused on the goal three steps down the road. What I wasn’t focused on was the present moment. I don’t even mean a particular training session. I mean every single rep in isolation. I mean pulling up your knee sleeves. I mean putting chalk on your hands. I mean your approach to the bar.

Break it down.

One step at a time.

Live in THAT moment.

If you are so worried about what’s going to happen half way through your snatch workout that you ignore the present moment and what is required of you, how will things end up? You’ll be busy thinking about nailing your lockout, and when you get up to head to the bar, you’ll trip over your shoelaces because you literally forgot to tie them.


I wrote yesterday how it’s not about JUST lifting weights. There are bigger things in life. You can put barbells into a beautiful shiny package with elements of meaning, vision, self-worth, and the plight of humanity and then stick a giant fucking ribbon of happiness on it.

Life’s a journey and all of that hippie shit.

True story.


It IS about lifting weights.

In the moment, it’s about lifting the weight. It’s about the feel of the barbell in your hands. It’s about making that rep as perfect as possible because what else are you supposed to be doing in THAT moment other than living it?

This is hard for me.

It makes me anxious. It was always about what was going to happen three or five or seven steps down the road, and for fuck’s sake, it was about clawing and crawling and fighting your way through the labyrinth to get to the Goblin King’s castle and save the baby.

THE END GOAL. Isn’t that the point?

It’s not.


Nick always says that his goal when he gets to the gym is to put on his shoes. It used to frustrate me because I thought he couldn’t possibly mean that. How can you show up and just worry about your fucking shoes?

Well, I’ve never seen him trip over his shoelaces, so he must be doing something right.

I think I need to learn how to tie my shoes again.

When I am done, my shoes are going to have the most amazing, fantastic, mind-blowing knots you’ve ever seen.

This is the first of 30 posts that I will be writing as part of Fitness Bloggers Writing Month. Get your fingers typing and join us!

Author: Tamara Reynolds

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  1. Your writing just sucks me in Tamara. Your topics are so intriguing and then you build upon it. Gonna go put on my shoes. =)

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    • Thanks! I am working on some writing basics like titles and organization and…
      I learn a lot from Nick. Writing used to be painfully slow, and now it’s becoming a tiny bit easier.

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