Lift Like a Grown Ass Woman was originally created because of my Best Asian Friend, Pete Haas. Pete was my very first weightlifting coach, and I would often hear him tell people to lift like a grown ass man or woman. In other words, get your shit done. Set a goal, pick a program, show up every day, do the program, achieve your goal. Simple: Lift Like a Grown Ass Woman.

The funny thing is, we both thought that I was good at getting my shit done. Set a goal, attack that goal with honeybadger-like intensity, achieve the goal at all costs. That was how I approached my lifting, my nutrition and body recomposition, and anything else that related to my training.

I thought I knew what I was doing. At the end of 2011, I set the goal of qualifying for and competing in the 2012 American Open. And, I achieved that goal, checked it off the list, and moved on to bigger and better things…

Or not.

In the process of achieving that goal, I beat myself up physically and trained through a lot of tweaks and injuries. By the end of 2012, I could barely squat my own bodyweight because my left knee hurt so much. It became clear that I had to figure out a new plan.

Is it too cheesy to say, “Enter Nick Horton?”

Well, cheesy or not, it’s true. Nick moved to Asheville at the beginning of 2013 to run Asheville Strength with me and be my partner in life and in everything awesome. If you don’t know who Nick is, you probably should. Not just because I love him but because he can help you fix your shit too. The first thing we did was fix my knee. The short version of the story goes like this: I spent five months avoiding squats, working on mobility, and improving strength in other areas. Then, I started squatting like a maniac and added over 30 kilos to my squat in the blink of an eye. Problem solved.

Not quite.

The only way I was able to start squatting the way that I did was to begin addressing some of the serious mental roadblocks to my training. Lift Like a Grown Ass Woman turned out to be a sham. I wasn’t really training like a grown ass woman. I was a psychological trainwreck most of the time. I constantly beat myself up about my lifts, I cried, I threw tantrums. And, my mental state affected the training of everyone around me. Nick said, and I knew it was true, that my progress on my snatch and clean and jerk was going to grind to a halt if I didn’t fix my brain.

So, that’s what I am trying to do now.

This blog will be about both my physical training, my mental training, and how I’ve completely changed my life. I’ve made some huge improvements, but this is just the beginning…

It’s time for me to finally Lift Like a Grown Ass Woman.

Welcome to the Adventures of the Ninja Manatee,